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Cotton Swab Shooter QShot

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Price: $7.00
Cotton swabs aren't just for cleaning ears anymore… say hello to the Micro Blaster Q-Shot! With the Micro Blaster Q-Shot load in your cotton swab ammunition, push down on the trigger and see your cotton swab fly 20 feet across the room! Simply load the Micro Blaster Q-Shot by placing a cotton swab into the barrel, and push down until you hear a “click”. Now you’re Micro Blaster Q-Shot is ready to set your cotton swabs flying! Have a cotton swab fight with your friends or siblings, or simply annoy them with an endless barrage of cotton swabs over their heads! The Micro Blaster Q-Shot includes 25 cotton swabs to get you started in on the fun out of the box!

Alcatraz East - Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, United States